Friday, 30 January 2015

The Original Farmer's Daughter

#140 Walk Of Life (Dire Straits)

Here comes Johnny singing I Gotta Woman
Down in the tunnels trying to make it pay
He got the action, he got the motion
Yeah the boy can play

Thursday, 29 January 2015

7 tactics to reduce your data center's power draw

Our never-ending hunger for more data and bandwidth has resulted in an unintended consequence – a substantial increase in global energy consumption. Increasingly, data centers have come under intense scrutiny from environmental groups because of their significant contribution to carbon emissions.

Read the full post at Ciena here.

14 tips for modern living

Modern living is difficult. So here are some tips to help those struggling in this new world (especially if you live in my neck of the savannah).

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

1001 Awesome Songs

Learning from great leaders, Shaka Zulu (a military genius)

Forget Churchill, Patton, Napoleon or Storming Norman! The greatest military genius was none of these, it was Shaka Zulu. He was able to mastermind the tactics that resulted in the biggest defeat of the British Army ever in a single skirmish. And this was achieved using inferior technology.

Read the full article on Pulse here.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

#139 Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke ft. T.I., Pharrell)

You're a good girl
Can't let it get past me
You're far from plastic
Talk about getting blasted
I hate these blurred lines

What do SA’s 24.9 mil internet users spend most of their time doing online?

Each year, We Are Social collects already existing data and combines it into a report that looks at the past year’s mobile, internet and social media trends from around the global and predicts which direction these trends will take in the new year.

Read and view the results here.

Monday, 26 January 2015

#138 Sexual Healing (Marvin Gaye)

Ooh baby, I'm hot just like an oven
I need some lovin'
And baby, I can't hold it much longer
It's getting stronger and stronger

IT safety practicalities - alternative communications

In IT most people used a mobile phone, followed by a land line. Then there are the users of skype. I have previous written here about using whatsapp to control network operations. Although I use skype, my id is ronaldxbartels, there are other mechanisms that are potentially better. An example is jitsi and its web component

Read the full article on Pulse here.

#137 Robert De Niro's Waiting (Bananarama)

You're breathing, you're touching, but nothing's for free
I never want this to happen to me
Don't try to change me, you're wasting your time
Now I've got something much better in mind

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Taking a Risk on At-Risk Kids

Born in the Sixties and my first taste of digital

I was born in the sixties, 1966 to be exact. We lived in a dusty farmhouse in a valley in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands. The main form of communications was an old black Bakerlite telephone, that operated on a party line which meant the whole neighbourhood could hear your conversation. The telephone lines used to hum, and flocks of birds used to use them to perch. The exchange in town was manual and was operated by Miss Bentfinger, so named as she always dialled the last digit incorrectly.

Read the full article here on Pulse.

#136 You've got a friend (James Taylor)

You just call out my name
And you know wherever I am
I'll come running to see you again
Winter, spring, summer or fall
All you have to do is call
And I'll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You've got a friend

Saturday, 24 January 2015

“Your Product is a Piece of Sh#t”: How we Responded to this Tweet

Read the full blog post here.

So to kickstart the project, we first sorted through user feedback from one of our main company social media channels, our Hootsuite Twitter account, looking for some of the worst, most critical messages about the look of our dashboard. Then, instead of tucking them away in a file folder somewhere, we decided to bring them into the light. Our engineers and designers went to work addressing these issues, while our creative team put together a YouTube video to own up to our flaws. Inspired by comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” segment, it should be good for a quick laugh.

Jekyll And Hyde in the workplace

People with psychopathic tendencies are often described as having a Jekyll and Hyde personality. Although stated by Wikipedia as being rare, recent research has shown that in business leadership, the number of Jekyll and Hydes is as high as 1 in 10.

Read the full article here on Pulse.

#135 Man on the moon (Ballyhoo)

I have to chose one of two pretty ladies
And my heart can't tell me what to do
You there out in space you seem to be so kind
And here on earth I'm out of my mind
Or am I blind?
Man on the moon

Friday, 23 January 2015

WeChat’s Brett Loubser on why Africa’s mobile operators have to change their attitude to OTT companies

Africa’s mobile operators and Over-The-Top (OTT) companies have moved in together but not yet worked out a way to live with each other. The mobile operators both want the love and interest OTT operators bring them. But in the main they can’t quite give up their defensive stance about what they feel should be their home. 

Read about Russell Southwood's talk to ex-mobile employee Brett Loubser, Head of WeChat Africa here.

The Effects of Dropping a Pineapple on Your Scrum Team

I know that you are all asking yourselves, “What does a tropical fruit have to do with Scrum?

Read about dropping the Pineapple here.

Lessons from great leaders, Lovell, Krantz and Liebergot

"Failure is not an option" and "Houston, we have a problem" are phrases from the movie Apollo 13 (one of my greatest movies ever, review it here).  Lovell, Kranz and Liebergot have a close association to the Apollo programme, especially Apollo 13, and these great leaders are central to the story of "Failure is not an option."

Learn about the lessons from these great leaders here.


This guy called John goes fishing off a pier. He finally catches a fish, and is about to put him in the cooler when he hears the fish cry out "Oh No! Please don't kill me. I'm the only talking fish in the world!" "Oh yeah?" says John "What's your name?" "I'm Rusty, the only talking salmon in the world! Please let me loose!" John thinks about it for a moment and then decides to threw Rusty back. Five years later John goes fishing at the same place where he caught Rusty and after a few hours he catches this huge salmon about 4 feet long. "Rusty?" says John. "John is that you?" asks Rusty. "Yeah, hi Rusty!" replies John. "So, watcha been doing?" questions Rusty. "Well, I've been working and keeping busy. What're you been doing, Rusty?" "Well John, while I was swimming, I found the Titanic, and it was so beautiful that I wrote a book of poems about it "Oh yeah? What's it called?" queries John. Rusty then says: "It's THE TITANIC VERSES, by SALMON RUSTY!"

Thursday, 22 January 2015

#215 Engineering disasters

#214 Pyramids

#213 Alaskan oil pipeline

#212 Oil firefighting

#211 Helicopters

#210 Oil Tankers

#209 Stero and the sound revolution

#208 The Destroyer

#207 Axes, swords and knifes

#206 Apollo 13

Three dead guys

Three dead guys are in line waiting to get into heaven. Before they are allowed in, St. Peter asks them how they died. 
So he asks the first guy who says, "Well I've suspected for a while that my wife has been cheating on me so I came home early from work to check. When I got back to the apartment she was lying naked in bed like she had just been having sex. So I checked under the bed and there was no one there. I checked in the closet and there was no one there, so I looked on the balcony and there was some guy hanging from the railing. I got so angry I took a golf club and beat his hands until he fell.  When I looked over the edge, he was lying on the ground, still alive and groaning.  This made me even angrier and I ran back in the apartment, grabbed the refrigerator, brought it back out, and dropped it over the railing right on top of him. From all the exertion, I had a heart attack and died.  That is how I ended up in this line." 
St. Peter said, "It sounds like you've had it rough, so I'll let you in."
The next guy walks up and gets asked the same question. So this guy says, "I was on my balcony having a barbecue!  I slipped and fell over the railing. I was luckily able to grab onto the railing of the apartment below me but then this mad guy starts pounding on my fists with a golf club until I fall. Amazingly and in great pain, I survive. the fall.  Then he goes and dumps this refrigerator on me and I wound up here."
St. Peter lets this guy in too because he has also had it rough. Then the third guy comes up and is also asked the question. This guy replies, "Okay, so I'm banging this married chick when the husband comes home early. So I go and hide in the refrigerator..."

Next generation service management

There are three worlds out there and they seem to not co-exist. These worlds are those of the network equipment manufacturer, IT Service management and production systems. There is no worm hole that joins them and the different people using them might as well be Klingons, Romulans and the Borg. 

Read about what would Captain Picard do here on Pulse.

ITIL Version 3 Material

General ITIL Version 3 Material
Hendershott Consulting Inc Presentation on IT Service Management describing ITIL (vs 2), CobIT, CMMI and other frameworks
ITSM Solutions - ITIL V3 Introduction
Pink Elephant - A Cultural Roadmap for ITSM Adoption
Mantra - A practical guide and case study on leveraging ITIL v3 and ISO 20000 as part of your overall best-practice ecosystem.
CSU - PDCA Cycle
Deming - History
FOXIT - Service Lifecycle Model - Process Depiction
The Service Lifecycle Process
The Service Portfolio Big Picture
HCI - Service Lifecycle Model
CSU - Service Lifecycle Model
Jason A Stevenson, ITIL Consultant. Good description of ITIL, CMMI and CobIT and the framework overlaps between them. Email:
Hewlett-Packard - Bridging the Gap between ITIL vs 2 and vs 3

ITIL Overview
An Introductory Overview of ITIL® V3
ITIL Migration - V2 to v3
Compucom ITIL Introduction
CSU - IT Service Management Introduction ITSM Tool vendor Presentation on Value of ITSM
ILX Consulting presentation on history and overview of ITIL version 3

Service Strategy
3. Principles: Value Creation Assets Provider Types Structures Strategy Fundamentals
Bernard Boar, The Process of Strategy
CSU - The Concept of a Service
CSU - Assets, Resources and Capabilities
CSU - Four Ps of Service Management
CSU - Patterns of Business Activity - User Profiles
CSU - Utility and Warranty
CSU - Value Creation
Information Technology And Organizational Performance: An Integrative Model Of It Business Value
CSU - The Business Case
Concept of Operation Template
Service Strategy
5. Economics: Financial Mgmt Return On Investment Service Portfolio Mgmt Portfolio Mgmt Methods Demand Mgmt
CSU - Financial Management Objectives
CSU - Activity-Based Demand Management
CSU - Demand Management Challenges
CSU - Demand Management Objective

Service Design
3. Principles: Goals Balance Serv Reqmnts Fundamentals Activities Aspects Later Activities Constraints SoA Bus.Reqmnts Models
ITIL® V3 Intermediate Lifecycle Stream: Service Design Certificate
ITIL SD - Figure 3.1 - The Business Change Process
CSU - Service Design Goals and Objectives
CSU - Service Design Aspects
CSU - Functions and Process
CSU - More on Process
CSU - Service Portfolio
ITIL SD - Figure 3.2 - Service Composition
ITIL SD - Figure 3.4 - The Service Relationships and Dependencies
CSU - Service Provider
CSU - Service Supplier
ITIL SD - Figure 3.5 - Aligning New Services to Business Requirements
ITIL SD - Figure 3.6 - The Service Portfolio - a Central Repository
ITIL SD - Figure 3.7 - The Service Lifecycle
ITIL SD - Figure 3.11 - Designing Processes
CSU - Concept of Service Management
CSU - Service Assets
CSU - Service Design Package
Service Design
4. Processes: SC Mgmt SLM Capacity Mgmt Availability Mgmt Continuity Mgmt Security Mgmt Supplier Mgmt
CSU - Service Catalogue
CSU - Service Catalogue Management Objectives
CSU - Service Catalogue Management Basic Concepts
CSU - Service Level Management Activities
CSU - Service Level Management Basic Concepts
CSU - Service Level Requirements
CSU - Service Level Management Relationships
ITIL SD - Service Level Framework
CSU - Service-Based SLA
CSU - Multi-Level Service Agreements
CSU - Operational Level Agreement
ITIL SD - Capacity Management
CSU - Capacity Management Objectives
CSU - Capacity Management - Capacity Plan
ITIL SD - Availability Management
CSU - Availability Management
CSU - Availability Management - Basic Concepts
CSU - Availability Management - Key Terminology
CSU - Availability Management - Objectives
Accenture - Risk Management Models
Queensland Gov't, Risk Treatment Plan
ITIL SD - Figure 4.15 - Expanded Incident Lifecycle
Arcserve - Guide to Availability, Continuity & Disaster Recovery | | |
ITIL SD - IT Service Continuity Management
CSU - Service Continuity Management Objectives
CSU - Service Continuity Management - Business Impact Analysis
Analytix - BCM Implementation Phases Diagram
ControllIT GmbH - BCM Project Phases Diagram
DRII/BCI Professional Practice Narrative - Best Practices for BIA
ITIL SD - Business Impact Analysis
ITIL SD - Risk Analysis
CSU - Information Security Management Security Framework
CSU - Information Security Management Basic Concepts
CSU - Security Management - Security Policy
CSU - Supplier Management - Basic Concepts
CSU - Supplier Management Objectives
CSU - Supplier Management - Contract DBMS
Service Design
8. Implementation: Business Impact SL Requirements Risks Implementation Measurement
CSU - Risk
CSU - Service Continuity Management - Risk Analysis

Service Transition
4. Processes: Plan/Support Change Asset/Configuration Release/Deploy Validate/Test Evaluate Knowledge
Maven - Change Management
CSU - 7 R's of Change Management
CSU - Change Management Objectives
CSU - Change Management Process Activities
CSU - Change Types
CSU - Change Management Models and Workflows
CSU - Change Request Types
CSU - Change Management - Standard Change
CSU - Service Change
CSU - Configuration Item
CSU - Definitive Media Library
CSU - Release Policy
CSU - Release Unit
CSU - Service Knowledge Management System

Service Operation
4. Processes: Event Incident Request Fulfillment Problem Access Other Operations
CSU - Event
CSU - Alert
CSU - Service Request
CSU - Incident
Short Cut Guide to Availability, Continuity, and Disaster Recovery, ,
CSU - Problem
CSU - Known Error Database
CSU - Workaround
CSU - Communication

Continual Service Improvement
3. Principles: Org Change Ownership Roles Drivers SLM Deming Cycle Service Measurement Knowledge Mgmt Benchmarks Governance Frameworks
CSU - Continual Service Improvement Model
CSU - CSI Goals and Objectives
CSU - Baselines
CSU - Measurement
CSU - Types of Metrics
Metrics Best Practices
CSU - Service Review
CSU - Service Improvement Plan
CSU - IT Governance